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For availabilities and to book, please email

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Our mountaineering courses are for those who are wanting to experience the more technical faces of the mountains of the UK. Mountaineering is the area between hiking and climbing, ropes are often used to keep participants safe. This makes mountaineering an exhilarating but accessible way to enjoy the more craggy parts of the mountains. 


Our experienced instructors will not only make sure you get as much time on the rock as possible, but will also ensure you leave feeling inspired and confident in your ability to move and rock. of course they will leaving you wanting to come back to experience more!


Our mountaineering courses can be single or multiday courses and run across North Wales.

For more details or for bookings, please email;

Eryri (North Wales), Skye Cuillin, Glencoe

Full Day

0900-1600 approx.

1-2 Participants

£200pd for 1 participant

£125pp for 2 participants

We will provide all the required safety equipment for a fun and safe experience on the rock, including harness, helmet and belay device. 

Our mountaineering courses run from approximately 0900-1600, timings and routes that can be climbed may be determined by the weather and conditions at the crag.

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